Monday, 28 November 2011

Budgetless Binging

(From left: CelebBoutique Dress, Lush Shorts, Topshop Brogues, American Apparel sleeveless Shirt and Shorts)

Binge of the week!!! Dying to collaborate all these items. The dress, unfortunately, is going to sit lonely in my closet until New Years Eve, but that will make the occasion all the more lovely! Excitedly tried on the brogues for my boyfriend and he said i looked like a 'clown'. I'm hoping they'll have a more positive response from all of you! Bought this amazingly PERFECT scarf on a new vintage site: RetroSpec. So simple. Just like them on facebook, comment on the item you would like to purchase and its yours! Missed out on this exquisite vintage Valentino blazer for only €75! Anyone looking for unique pieces should like it this instance! Outfit post tomorrow including some of my binge items....

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