Sunday, 18 November 2012


(ZARA collar and skirt :: TOPSHOP jumper and bag :: FOREVER 21 blazer :: JC heels :: socks via NASTY GAL :: MK watch)

I am letting you in on a little secret of mine: I am totally head of over heels in love with this street. My grand master plan is to make millions and live in this overly french inspired building, 311 Lafayette Street. I actually joined the gym opposite where I am standing above, for the sole purpose of visiting this place daily. 

So, I know this isn't quite a 'statement jumper,' but it's close! It's a far cry from Kenzo, but it will do for now until I am living the high life on Lafayette. Finally got around to buying a hair straightener (Walgreens finest for $20!) and am trying to get back into the routine of actually doing something with my mane.


stacysaddleshoes said...

love your outfit! it is so little girl of the
cutest looks the skirt, blazer and collar.those shoes
are so awsome and I love those adorable white socks with them.hope
you got lots of compliments
may I ask your inspiration for this outfit

Anonymous said...

divine! utterly lusting over the socks

Vitriolgirl said...

loooove the shoes!!!

concretecollar said...

those shoes are unreal!

Penny and Polaroids said...

ADORE! You look amazing! ..X