Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Birthday Brat

(Basically Topshop Everything!!, Michael Kors Watch, Jeffrey Cambell Heels, Vintage Clutch)

"It's my birthday I can cry if I wana" ... it's finally here. Got up at seven this morning to open Austin's presents and was more than spoiled! My Michael Kors watch is more perfect than I could have wished for. This outfit would look much better without my sickly pale skin but OH WELL! Hope you're all having a fabulous day. I'm off to a home cooked meal by Mama Bear and delicious Lemon-curd-sponge cake! More prezzies to come :) xxxx


Anonymous said...

i got that topshop collar in silver...now kinda wish i'd gone for nude!

Lucy C said...

That watch is beautiful, so vintage-y!

And happy birthday :)

Erilein said...

Happy birthday!!

I've been thinking about getting this beautiful watch too.. or maybe a kenneth cole one. can't decide :)

enjoy your day!



HudsonEast said...

Another great outfit!
I like your blog a lot... I'll be following

Anonymous said...

Ah I want that watch so bad! Where did you order it from? Love your blog, check everyday for a new post.

Molly Pocket said...

Hi there I actually got in House of Fraser but you can order it off wither Asos or the Michael Kors website!