Monday, 23 January 2012

(Topshop Jacket, COS Shirt, Zara Stole, Jeffrey Campbell Litas, Phanuel Shorts)
I have only in the last month found out that Zara do free delivery to any Zara Store in Ireland!! So you can imagine now is a regular open tab on my laptop. This stole was calling to me before the Sales arrived and then I was fortunate to spot it half price after Christmas. I went and picked it up this morning and it did everything I imagined it would to my outfit!!! This item is going to transform many ensembles to come : ) PS don't you just LOVE the packaging?!?


Emma C said...

thank god there's no zara in Galway then because my bank balance would suffer greatly! lovely outfit! x

Leigh Georgina said...


Can imagine it looking good with navy?


Anonymous said...

great colour x

Diane said...

Oooh the packaging IS gorgeous! I think it's brilliant for Zara online to deliver free to their retail shops!